Photo Gallery

  1. Abd al-Rahman Ibrahima

    While Ibrahima is not buried in Natchez some of the people who helped gain his freedom are.

  2. Brigadier General Charles G. Dahlgren

    During the War Brigadier General Dahlgren commanded 2,000 soldiers of the 3rd Mississippi Regiment.

  3. Bud Scott

    Clarence "Bud" Scott was born a slave in Natchez.

  4. Captain Bowie

    Captain Bowie was a confederate cavalry officer who holds a rare distinction.

  5. Captain Thomas P. Leathers

    Captain Leathers was a colorful and dynamic captain of many of the steamboats named Natchez.

  6. Cemetery Gate

    View an image of the Natchez City Cemetery gate.

  7. Confederate Dead

    See the confederate soldiers graves in the Natchez City Cemetery.

  8. Don Jose Vidal

    in 1798, Don Jose Vidal petitioned the Governor General at New Orleans for three grants of land on the west bank of the Mississippi River for himself and his two sons.

  9. Emma Gene Wensel Venn

    Emma Gene Wensel Venn served as a Red Cross worker in France during World War I.

  10. Florence Irene Ford

    Ten year old Florence died of yellow fever.

  11. Jewish Hill

    View an image of Jewish Hill.

  12. Jewish Hill Gate

    See an image of the Jewish Hill Gate in Natchez City Cemetery.

  13. L. H. Lawrence

    Read about L. H. Lawrence and his devotion to his wife.

  14. Learned Family Mausoleum

    The Learned family were lumber pioneers in Natchez. This mausoleum attests to their success.

  15. Leon & Flora Cahn

    Learn about the family of Leon and Flora Cahn.

  16. Louise the Unfortunate

    Read about Louise the Unfortunate and her story from the Natchez City Cemetery.

  17. McPherson Lots

    The cemetery has opened the McPherson Plot and is selling spaces.

  18. Oak Tree

    View an image of the large oak tree in Natchez City Cemetery.

  19. Rosalie Beekman

    Rosalie was the only person to die from hostile action in Natchez during the Civil War.

  20. Ruphus E. Case

    Ruphus E. Case wanted to be buried in his rocking chair facing his home state of Louisiana.

  21. Shade of the old Oak tree

    See a beautiful image of the old oak tree in Natchez City Cemetery.

  22. The Barber of Natchez

    William Johnson, born a slave and freed as a young boy, was known as the Barber of Natchez.

  23. The Yellow Duchess

    The wife of Major Stephen Dunken Minor, the last Spanish Governor at Natchez, was known as The Yellow Duchess.

  24. Turning Angel

    This beautiful angel monument is overlooking 5 headstones, each with the same date of death.